"Becoming Aware of Elephants"

What you need to BE AWARE OF if you want to remove the roadblocks to growth and ignite commitment and performance.

Great leadership is conscious leadership. ~Fred Kofman

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Regardless of industry or background, our clients always share one thing in common–they’re not satisfied with the status quo. As business leaders, they realize it’s important that they evolve and excel. That their companies become stronger and more profitable. That their people are engaged to the work and perform at higher levels.

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Our mission is helping business leaders and their people create workplaces that are enlivened, engaged and financially abundant. We believe that prosperity is a result of people working well, both individually and collaboratively; that leadership is the pivotal influencer of the productivity and prosperity a company will enjoy. We are committed to helping companies move to the next level.

Recent Posts

November 4, 2016 |

Time Out

The world has become very noisy. Life and work have become very busy. Distractions continue to multiply, and information grows exponentially. Almost everywhere the External wants in; either to sell, influence or otherwise impact us. As things are changing so rapidly we, as a species, are operating on the fly. There is very little perceived space and time available to make sense of it all, let alone manage these changes wisely. This cultural/technological/informational/environmental sea change has proved prolific in many ways. And, as is the case with titanic change, there is collateral impact: notably, the loss of quiet, reflective time. By this I mean time dedicated to deeper thought, contemplation and internal guidance. Wisdom,...

October 28, 2016 |

Help Needed

There is something strangely challenging about the idea of needing help. For me, the whole concept of ‘needing’ something from someone else can feel uncomfortable. Which is really strange, because I couldn’t get through one day without the help and contribution of others. I live in a house built by other people, drive a car assembled by other people and drive that car on roads laid down and maintained by yet others. On and on it goes. In every moment, I am literally surrounded by and reliant upon other people’s work and contribution. In my own business, however, I can be lured into thinking that I need to do it all. Yes, I have...

October 21, 2016 |

In Revenue Generation We Trust?

As I consider the myriad of things that can act as resistance to the flow of life and work, there is one that really sticks out, and that is ‘trust.’ Or, more specifically, the lack of trust. That particular quality when compromised could possibly be the biggest single crippler of people and performance there is. Trust is that big of a deal. We live in a time where trust feels very tenuous. In government, institutions, corporations, industries and religion, many of the large societal powerhouses have sustained numerous hits regarding their trustworthiness. For many of us, there is and has been a mounting skepticism regarding our belief in the aims and intentions these large...

October 14, 2016 |

A Blessing or a Curse?

I heard recently that a human’s ability to adapt is both a blessing and a curse. Adaptability is a blessing because we can cope and make things work. It’s a curse because we can cope and make things work. It’s instinctive for us to adapt. Our innate talent for dealing with current realities can habituate us to accept present circumstances while obscuring our awareness to other, better options. This faculty has served humankind well. It has been a critical player in getting our human species to ‘Now.’ The trick is to recognize when we have adapted to a situation or circumstance that we don’t really want. Because our adaptability muscle tends to be genetically...

October 7, 2016 |

First Things First

There are two forms of leadership that work well in tandem, and the development of one is a prerequisite to the development and effectiveness of the other. The first form of leadership provides a strong foundation for the second. Without this foundation, the second type of leadership is likely to falter and fail. So, what are the two forms of leadership? The first is Personal Leadership or Self Leadership. This is the basis upon which the second form of leadership is built: Leadership of Others. Our culture places great emphasis on career, wealth, status and popularity, but less on Self or Personal Leadership. Integrity, healthy emotional behavior, clean communication, curiosity, humility, understanding, consideration of...

July 8, 2016 |

Security Matters

Security. Feeling secure. Being secure. Promoting security. All of these act in service to an organization’s ability to be high functioning. Security is one of the foundational energetic components to deeper commitment and greater performance in human beings. Security invites trust. It invites creativity, innovation, strong relationships, collaboration and open communication. Humans tend to desire a basic sense of security. In many businesses, survival ego is in widespread play. Yes, it can be effective and compel us to action. It can move us over things and sometimes over others. It can command us forward. But, it’s not a great instrument for the long term nor for action involving more than one. Important work generally...

June 3, 2016 |

Help Wanted

One lament I hear over and over again from small to midsize business leaders is that they feel they don’t have anyone to confide in. Yes, they have the people within the company. Yes, they often have spouses and family. Yes, they have their friends and even some great business colleagues. But, what they often don’t have is someone that possesses three critical qualities: neutrality, business building knowledge and, most importantly, interest. In most of the other relationships, there is greater subjectivity and expectation, both of which can thwart a candid unload and re-think. Here’s what I have experienced and believe to be true. We humans are plenty social and are aided dramatically by...

May 27, 2016 |

Red Scare?

We Americans tend to think very highly of heroes and individualism. Both are woven into our cultural identity and occupy a place of reverence in our history and our psyche. Personally, I appreciate and admire acts of courage, service and high integrity. It expands my notions of what’s possible and deepens my understanding of human potential. As a social being, that modeling both informs and inspires me. I also believe there can be a debilitating flip-side to idolizing and/or lauding individualism. It can be tempting to dismiss or diminish the importance and power of acts performed by more than one, otherwise known as community. And yet, in most cases, groups of people can accomplish...

May 4, 2016 |

Culture Schmulture

  What is workplace culture? defines culture as: “a way of thinking, behaving, or working . . . a set of shared attitudes, values, goals and practices that characterize an institution or organization.”  Culture is the personality of your business. Your company culture reflects what is important to you, as the Leader, to your people and to your company. Your company culture is a strong message you send to the people you do business with every day – inside the company and out. Your company culture is a feeling. To have a great company culture doesn’t mean you have to install a slide or sleeping pods – fun as that would be! A...

April 29, 2016 |

Thinking Big & Stepping Small

  I’m a big thinker. I like to glide at high altitudes and gaze in all directions. I’m intrigued by possibility, potential and innovation. Unconditioned, independent thinking feels like my natural attitude. All of this tends to serve me well and I deeply appreciate the insight and awareness it generates. There are, however, distinct habits that are required in order to actually land the big thinking. For me, these critical habits are: Connect to the desire…it fuels the result! Get clear on the desired result Chunk down the action into small steps Take small consistent action steps Course correct as needed Bring it to completion & celebrate For big thinkers, this is not necessarily...

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