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While employee evaluations are a great way to see how an individual is doing on the job, an employee assessment is a far more effective way to determine if a potential member of your team is of leadership quality. Leadership assessment and employee profiling are essential tools for hiring the right professional for key positions within your company.

Online assessment tools bring quality leadership assessment directly to your organization and take the guess work out of employee profiling. ASSESS is an effective and affordable online assessment tool designed for both employee and managerial skill assessment. ASSESS can be used on all levels of your organization’s hiring — from employee selection, assessment and development, to managerial assessment and development.

Imagine an inside look at your job candidate’s…

  • Intellectual Abilities
  • Work Approach and Motivations
  • Thinking Style
  • Approach to Influencing or Supervising Others
  • And Interpersonal Style

What makes ASSESS such an effective employee assessment tool?

  • ASSESS measures characteristics vital to effective performance in the business environment.
  • For employee profiles, ASSESS provides in depth psychological evaluations that are validated by organizational psychologists and meet American Psychological Association (APA) and EEOC guidelines.
  • Unlike most assessment processes, ASSESS provides testing, evaluation and reporting with almost immediate results availability.
  • Vital to different leadership assessments and managerial assessments, this tool is designed to accept 7 different intellectual abilities tests.
  • ASSESS is an inexpensive and automated online assessment tool that works intuitively to manage your employee evaluations and leadership assessments.

Most importantly, ASSESS is the assessment tool that is easy to use!

Much of the new technology is overly complicated, preventing ease of use by management or potential employees. You’ll find tools like ASSESS preferred by large corporations because of their simplicity and accessibility. Job candidates are able to sign into the testing site from virtually anywhere. With over 70 different industry-specific employee assessment templates, ASSESS allows you to easily manage assessment databases, evaluate potential job candidates and easily print out clear and concisely formatted reports.

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