The Foundational Intensive

“What’s our company about?”

“Why are we doing this?”

“How do we make a difference to our customer?”

“Where are we going?”

These are the foundational questions that a company intent on growth must explore and answer.


Because companies that desire growth require a strong foundation. Without it, there’s a lack of overall clarity, stability and resilience. Knowing and communicating your company’s deeper Values, Purpose, Mission and Vision (your VPMV) is that strong foundation.

BEDROCK, Momentum’s Foundational Intensive, is a one-day workshop designed to get you clear on your company’s high-level values, purpose, mission, and vision. This is not some head-based experience to draft a stiff, starchy, blah, blah, blah lunchroom poster. BEDROCK goes deeper than that. Here’s why. An honest and clearly communicated VPMV has the power to catalyze connection, commitment and high-level action within your company.

What gets to happen when you are clear and communicating your VPMV?

  • Leadership feels more inspired and connected to the company and the work
  • People feel more inspired and connected to leadership, the company and the work
  • People self-align (or not)
  • Unity is formed and/or strengthened
  • Trust builds
  • Business decisions and right action become clearer and easier — your VPMV informs both

To learn more, schedule a complimentary Strategy Session. During the call you can ask questions, share issues, brainstorm. Our pledge is to be of value to you—whether it’s a new idea, perspective or direction.

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Build a strong foundation and grow.