The C3 Process




What would it be like to have the people of your company moving in the same direction? Showing up energized and ready to work. Communicating effectively. Taking initiative and being accountable. Connected to their own resource, each other, the company and the work.

Pipe dream? Nope.

The ‘Next Generation’ workplace alive and operational in forward-thinking companies? YES.


C3 is a comprehensive nine-month process designed to create ‘Next Generation’ leadership and workplaces. Companies where people are clear, connected and committed.

Each phase of C3’s 3-phase process builds on the one before – skillfully establishing an environment that supports the people that make up the company and the work that needs to get done.

The C3 Process is designed around three vital concepts:


It all begins with leadership. Leadership models the development and growth potential of the company. Leadership catalyzes the movement.


The Process is generative and moves throughout the entire organization. Everyone is reached.


Clarity, Connection and Commitment are critical keys to performance and growth.

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