First Things First

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There are two forms of leadership that work well in tandem, and the development of one is a prerequisite to the development and effectiveness of the other. The first form of leadership provides a strong foundation for the second. Without this foundation, the second type of leadership is likely to falter and fail.

So, what are the two forms of leadership? The first is Personal Leadership or Self Leadership. This is the basis upon which the second form of leadership is built: Leadership of Others.

Our culture places great emphasis on career, wealth, status and popularity, but less on Self or Personal Leadership.

Integrity, healthy emotional behavior, clean communication, curiosity, humility, understanding, consideration of other, persistence, patience: this is the stuff of great Self Leadership. These are the key foundational qualities that set the stage for effectively leading others.

Why? Because followers are not simply taking direction; they are watching a Self-Leader model how to be and how to operate on a higher level in this world.

People who embody strong personal leadership are more likely to garner trust, generate influence and supply vision. In business, that’s a tremendous asset and advantage. Command and control then become unnecessary. Effectively leading others is simply the natural extension of effectively leading oneself.

Be the leader you wish to see in the world.

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