Help Needed

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There is something strangely challenging about the idea of needing help. For me, the whole concept of ‘needing’ something from someone else can feel uncomfortable. Which is really strange, because I couldn’t get through one day without the help and contribution of others. I live in a house built by other people, drive a car assembled by other people and drive that car on roads laid down and maintained by yet others. On and on it goes. In every moment, I am literally surrounded by and reliant upon other people’s work and contribution.

In my own business, however, I can be lured into thinking that I need to do it all.

Yes, I have people who work with me and for me, but this niggling feeling persists. When examined, it feels like a curious blend of pride, control and almost a rogue independence. Loosening the grip on this limiting behavior is important, not simply for my own development, but for the growth of my business.

Being overly self-reliant in the realm of business leadership is a recipe for stagnation and eventual obsolescence.

I teach this; I know this; there is power in the collective.

People working collaboratively, helping and supporting each other is potent.

More gets done. And, here is the other big piece…it can be more fun, more energizing and oftentimes more fulfilling. That’s not to say there is no place for the focused solitary pursuits. There is. Rather, that becoming open to both giving and receiving help is essential to work and life. Being aware of our relationship to ‘receiving’ and building that muscle is both constructive and, well…helpful.

Feel like you could use some one on one support?

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