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One lament I hear over and over again from small to midsize business leaders is that they feel they don’t have anyone to confide in. Yes, they have the people within the company. Yes, they often have spouses and family. Yes, they have their friends and even some great business colleagues. But, what they often don’t have is someone that possesses three critical qualities: neutrality, business building knowledge and, most importantly, interest. In most of the other relationships, there is greater subjectivity and expectation, both of which can thwart a candid unload and re-think.

Here’s what I have experienced and believe to be true. We humans are plenty social and are aided dramatically by the support of others.

Our tendency to want to do things alone is more of a cultural conditioning than a genetically wired natural instinct. There can be a lot of inner judgment and self-recrimination about not being able to figure things out on our own. But, that’s all scripted BS. In truth, we succeed faster and easier with support from other people. The trick is to find the right person with the right talent to offer the right assistance.

Each of us resonates differently to different people.

If you could use some business coaching and support, be choosy. Pay attention to your intuition and ask yourself these questions:

  • How do I feel about this person? (Operative word is feel, not think.)
  • Do I sense they are sincere?
  • Do I believe they know what they’re talking about and that they can help me?
  • Would I be comfortable letting my guard down with them?
  • Does the notion of working with them generate a flutter (or full on feeling) of hope and possibility within me?

If you answer yes to four or more, move forward and schedule some time to talk with that person. Any business coach worth their salt recognizes that rapport is critical and provides a confidential and complimentary session to see if rapport and suitability emerge. It’s an ideal first step to move into action in a way that only costs you time to start. From there, it’s weighing the investment against the intended outcome. Bottom line is this, good business help and support is invaluable to a leader. We all need it. Allowing yourself to receive support is not only personally and professionally fulfilling, it can be financially rewarding.

Take charge and get the support you want and need.

It could be the most important step you ever take in your business.

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