The New MBA

The New MBA*

*Momentum Business Assessment

“How did we not see this coming?”

“I thought we had fixed this issue!”

“Did anyone know about this before now?”

Here’s the reality. Every unknown, unacknowledged and unresolved business issue your company is experiencing right now is a roadblock to your company’s future success. They act as hard-nosed resistance to the forward movement of you, your people and your company. While issues will always be a part of business, the goal is to stay on top of them and in (re)solution mode.

The New MBA is about getting real—it’s an objective information-gathering process designed to uncover and increase awareness about the issues that hamstring your business. Some may have been around for years, others have newly emerged. Note: When you tap into the resource of your entire company via the New MBA, you are better able to access a wide range of perspectives and feedback. From that vantage point, you are informed to take result- and resolution-oriented action.

What makes the New MBA process so effective?

  • The surveys and one-to-one conversations are confidential and conducted by our team of leadership professionals.
  • Everyone in your company is given an opportunity to weigh in.
  • The anonymity of the survey invites greater candor and honesty.
  • Key one-to-one conversations allow for deeper exploration.
  • It’s timely—the process takes an average of two weeks from first meeting to finished report.

Why is objective feedback vital?

  • Objective third parties are free of the emotional and experiential aspects of the business and its people.
  • As third parties, we have one goal–to access and present the most relevant and factual information possible.

Once the information is gathered, it is reviewed, studied and presented as a report including resolution-based next steps.


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