More Or Less

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More or Less


The simultaneous and ongoing initiatives, projects and objectives within any company are ever-growing. Add to that, the vast amounts of data that is produced and consumed during this inexhaustible information age. Information is useful, but the proliferation of information can quickly become massive and weighty. In addition, many of the tools designed to lighten loads and provide aid can end up becoming another level of heft and frustration.

There is little doubt that our keen human brain, intent on mental toys to play with, is a key player in this mounting complexity.

Add to that, the deeply held hope that somewhere out there lies the quick fix, the magic pill, the miracle elixir. This primal combination has the power to be a remarkable chaos creator. The quiet yet persistent call of “next,” “new” or “must have” can be captivating, but as often, adds to the complexity heap.

In business as in life, we are in deep need of an about face. We need:

  • more trust and less worry
  • more simplicity and less complexity
  • more clarity and less clutter
  • more focus and less distraction
  • more conscious action and less unconscious reaction
  • more meaningful connection and less alienation
While the current tide may feel like it’s pulling us out to sea, we have the ability to place a stake in the ground.

To be discerning about what is truly in service to ourselves, our business, our people and what is not. To side with the kid in “The Emperor’s New Clothes” tale and not be lulled by the incessant cultural lullaby. To instead get clear on what’s really needed to make our companies flourish. Which leads me to believe, perhaps one of the greatest feats of our time, is not being a product of our time.

In business, how easy is it for you to separate the core from the chaff?

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