In Revenue Generation We Trust?

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As I consider the myriad of things that can act as resistance to the flow of life and work, there is one that really sticks out, and that is ‘trust.’ Or, more specifically, the lack of trust. That particular quality when compromised could possibly be the biggest single crippler of people and performance there is. Trust is that big of a deal.

We live in a time where trust feels very tenuous.

In government, institutions, corporations, industries and religion, many of the large societal powerhouses have sustained numerous hits regarding their trustworthiness. For many of us, there is and has been a mounting skepticism regarding our belief in the aims and intentions these large institutions hold and whether we as the larger community actually fit into any of their objectives at all.

While there are great complexities within each of these societal entities, there does appear to be something in common with all; that the generation of revenue in most cases seems to grossly outstrip the needs of human beings and the common good.

While revenue generation is good and necessary, when it becomes the myopic objective above all else, trust is the payment it incurs. We humans want strong companies, we want strong governments and institutions, but not at the cost of our humanity. That’s a con man’s deal.

Revenue is the blood of my company. It is critical, desired, worked for and appreciated. However, making blood is not the purpose, mission or deeper meaning of the work that I do. The purpose of my work is in service to something greater than my company and myself. It’s in service to my clients and their missions. When I focus on them and do my work well, my blood supply or revenue is made greater and so is that of my clients. No one is sacrificed or forsaken. In fact, all are benefitted.

The shift lies in the domain of purpose and/or mission and its relationship to revenue.

My deeper mission is not focused in on revenue generation. Generating income, however, is my primary business goal. The way I do my work, the integrity I bring to my work all combine to become that which delivers my primary business revenue goal. Mission feeds revenue generation. My heart, head and spirit get to come to work everyday and make things happen. Revenue is generated as the natural outcome of joyful, committed, service-oriented, greater good action…otherwise known as optimal performance.

Are you clear on your vision and mission? Are you connected to the fuel of that energy?

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