Security Matters

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Security Matters

Security. Feeling secure. Being secure. Promoting security. All of these act in service to an organization’s ability to be high functioning. Security is one of the foundational energetic components to deeper commitment and greater performance in human beings. Security invites trust. It invites creativity, innovation, strong relationships, collaboration and open communication.

Humans tend to desire a basic sense of security.

In many businesses, survival ego is in widespread play. Yes, it can be effective and compel us to action. It can move us over things and sometimes over others. It can command us forward. But, it’s not a great instrument for the long term nor for action involving more than one. Important work generally requires collaboration and highly activated egos often find it difficult to act constructively together.

Egos relax with security.

They don’t disappear, but they quiet. Healthy egos are still alert to good boundaries and are self-supporting, but they aren’t operating from fear. When companies dismantle the traditional ego-driven, fear-based operating system and move toward cultures that better attend to basic human needs, good things happen: people connect…to the leader, the company, the vision, the work. They tap into their own resourcefulness, their own agency. And, they free themselves up to greater levels of potential not formerly accessible in the more ego-driven environments.

Many companies don’t realize this.

They are mired in the old paradigm of keeping people off balance and insecure. Unfortunately, they miss out on a great opportunity. Unless a company is completely automated, people and performance are the company…and, its most powerful lever for success and growth.

What gets to happen when work teams feel secure and inspired?

MORE! More performance, potential, prosperity.

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