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Last Wednesday it was my great good fortune to attend a truly enjoyable networking event. As you may have read in an earlier blog, I have harbored a distaste for what I would call starchy or shark-tank-esque networking experiences. Yes, I’ve held unseemly judgment there and I’m not proud of that. This recent event, however, reframed the whole networking experience for me and pointed to a potential I hadn’t ever imagined—networking that’s fun, friendly, sincere, thought-provoking, collaborative and also, geared for business building and revenue generation. Who knew?!

While there, I had a refreshing conversation with the event’s organizer and we got to talking about the word ‘success.’

As we both live and breathe the world of transformational leadership and business, success is a word we hear a lot. A lot.

And, yes, it’s the big ‘go to’ word for companies and their leadership. Success this, success that. Or, in the case of individuals ’I want to be successful.’

But, here’s the thing about that word, it’s really more of a desire holder than an actual desire.

It’s the suitcase that holds the clothes you want to wear. It wouldn’t make any sense to wear the suitcase.

So, I say we demystify the word. Snap open the suitcase and look at the amazing contents inside. Your DESIRES. I’m not talking about the old programmed ‘go to’ crap. I’m talking about the gems that lie in our heart, in our inner dreamer’s dreams. All the stuff we’ve jammed in the suitcase throughout our life and then stoically, pragmatically, rationally shoved up in the attic to gather dust. That’s where the juice lies. If you want ‘success,’ grab the suitcase, pry open the lock and look inside. That is where you will learn what success actually means…to you.

Success is an outcome. Before success comes action. The best and easiest action is fueled by desire. Desire greases wheels, generates flow, adds energy.

Draft off of desire.

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