The Job of a Lifetime

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The Job of a Lifetime


I talk a lot about leadership’s role in influencing and shaping strong and vital work communities. Most of us recognize that leaders play a critical role in the health and prosperity of their organization. However, there is another type of leadership that is of even greater significance—that of self-leadership. Whether or not we lead others, we are pre-ordained to be leaders of ourselves. We may not want the job, but like it or not, it’s ours…for a lifetime.

For many of us, the self-leadership course can feel somewhat vague or even non-existent.

Culturally, we are conditioned to look to others for cues, lessons, information and approval, rarely turning the lens inward. Of course, this makes sense when we are young and maturing, but at some point self-leadership requires, well, the self. Taking the time to uncover who we are, the gifts we possess, what brings us joy and happiness, the inner areas we choose to cultivate, the work we are called to do, the life we are compelled to live…all of these are fundamental inquiries to a more elevated form of self-leadership.

As with any above-average leader, there is profound value in knowing who you are leading.

The same holds true for above-average self-leadership. Who is this person you are leading throughout the course of your life? Penetrating beyond the pat, conditioned answers is crucial. It’s crucial to true happiness, fulfillment, growth, and evolving as a human being. The best leaders recognize that inspiring and lifting others to greater heights is the hallmark of the truest kind of leadership. And, so it is for self-leadership.

Others can and will affect the process—as social beings we are informed by models, community and acquired wisdom.

Self-leadership does not occur in a vacuum. The vigilance required, however, is in keeping an eye inward, learning to recognize the knowledge and guidance emanating from that place.

It’s up to each of us, as to the kind of self-leader we are and will become.

In many ways, it’s the most important leadership role on Earth. We each have extraordinary potential and gifts yet unknown. When we elevate our own self-leadership, we take a step forward in realizing that potential and leading the way to a life more fully realized—the leadership job of a lifetime.

The best way to become an able leader of others is to first be an able leader of yourself. Interested in becoming a better leader? We can help.

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