Thinking Big & Stepping Small

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I’m a big thinker. I like to glide at high altitudes and gaze in all directions. I’m intrigued by possibility, potential and innovation. Unconditioned, independent thinking feels like my natural attitude. All of this tends to serve me well and I deeply appreciate the insight and awareness it generates.

There are, however, distinct habits that are required in order to actually land the big thinking.

For me, these critical habits are:

  • Connect to the desire…it fuels the result!
  • Get clear on the desired result
  • Chunk down the action into small steps
  • Take small consistent action steps
  • Course correct as needed
  • Bring it to completion & celebrate

For big thinkers, this is not necessarily an inherent skill set. In my case, this is a down and dirty, disciplined, continuously practiced, ongoing behavior. There is nothing particularly fascinating about it, except of course, it’s the actual earthly materializer of the big thinking. Without it, big thinking is pie in the sky.

Landing, grounding, manifesting ideas is a creative process.

It’s messy and wondrous, heart-expanding and, at times, heart-breaking. It’s unpredictable, only partly controllable and worth every ounce of energy in most cases. Starting a company, running a company, growing a company are all acts of creation. All require an ability to open wide to possibility and then bring the focus to the small consistent completed action needed to bring it into being. Like breathing in and breathing out, the process gives the imagination its living form and substance.

Thinking BIG is great. Landing the big thinking, however, requires clarity, focus and lots of action.

If you could use some help in either area or both, we’re here to help.

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