Time Out

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The world has become very noisy. Life and work have become very busy. Distractions continue to multiply, and information grows exponentially. Almost everywhere the External wants in; either to sell, influence or otherwise impact us. As things are changing so rapidly we, as a species, are operating on the fly. There is very little perceived space and time available to make sense of it all, let alone manage these changes wisely.

This cultural/technological/informational/environmental sea change has proved prolific in many ways. And, as is the case with titanic change, there is collateral impact: notably, the loss of quiet, reflective time. By this I mean time dedicated to deeper thought, contemplation and internal guidance. Wisdom, I believe, requires this. The term ‘let me sleep on it’ points to this. The complexities of this world can neither be understood nor properly addressed via our propensity towards the immediate and the knee jerk.

In business, a lack of good sound consideration and thought can be hazardous to long term success and growth.

Immediacy usually reacts from the level of symptom. It doesn’t have time to pull back and look from a whole system vantage point. That takes time, and time feels scarce. Largely due to the distractions, the busyness, the watershed of information. Therein lies the cycle.

We each have an enormous supply of internal wisdom and guidance.

Our cultural conditioning generally leads us to look outward. At times that makes good sense. Leaders who tap into the stores of experience, insight and talent held within their people can benefit greatly. That said, taking time to thoughtfully examine an issue before rushing to action is a discipline. While some events may necessitate a prompt, immediate response, much of business is strengthened by deeper consideration. Not simply a search for an answer without, but for the wisdom held within. Take that time.

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