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Companies, as an entity, emit a certain quality or energy. That particular quality is a product of the collective culture of the organization. Firmly within that collective is leadership, powerfully influencing and shaping both the culture and the quality it emits. Like a beacon or harbinger, this unnamed and largely unacknowledged quality broadcasts outward.

Beyond carefully designed branding and/or PR, this quality is communicated through the interactions people of the company have with those outside of it. Vendors, customers, friends and family of employees, consultants and others are able to perceive a great deal about the company even tangentially. Like some kind of fascinating sonar, information is being transmitted.

As humans, we are big energetic cue readers.

We’ve needed it to get the group to 2015. It may seem like we are all communicating on a mostly verbal and visual dimension, but there is much more “communication” happening and much of it is soundless and sightless. This quality, that we are less aware of, is energetic. Try as we might, this is not a quality that takes its orders from marketing gurus, ad agencies or even the C level. For company leadership, this is a very important realization to get.

The energetic quality of an organization will be transmitted.

The pervasive cultural quality will echo forth. If there is a preponderance of dissent, corruption, confusion, discord, rancorous competition, anger, greed or mean-spiritedness, that’s the signal. If there is a prevalence towards care, fulfillment, supportiveness, openness, collegiality, happiness or the valuing of contribution, that will be the signal.

Ask someone their thoughts about any given organization they interact with and they may or may not be able to articulate them. But, they will act and behave in accordance to them—articulated or not. Those actions and behaviors show up in the form of sales, customer loyalty, referrals, productivity, healthcare costs, new hires, attrition and many others.

Human evolution has crafted some well-honed tools over the last 200,000 years. Not the least of which, is our ability to interpret energy. Regardless of ad campaigns, HR posters, PR spins or company mission statements, that channel of communication is open and operating on a very powerful frequency. It is imperative for leadership to tune in.

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