How We Work With You

We invite you into a complimentary Strategy Session to talk about what is going on in your business. Together, we can determine which of our offerings best serve your particular business needs.

Our programs are designed to work generatively or as stand-alone offerings.

The New MBA

The New MBA (Momentum Business Assessment) provides the vital feedback you need to grow your business, letting you know what is really going on in your company and providing a proposed course of action for moving forward.

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BEDROCK | The Foundational Intensive

What does your company stand for and what differentiates you from your competition? Are these answers clearly communicated in your hiring practices, in your team meetings, in your branding and your marketing? Ensuring that employees and clients know why you are in business, who you serve, and what you stand for is central to your business success. BEDROCK is a one-day workshop designed to clarify your company values, purpose, mission and vision – to lay the foundation for growth.

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Leading Forward

Our Leading Forward Program is customized to you and your business needs. It may consist of coaching, consulting, training, GAP Analysis, process redesign and/or strategy sessions, all designed to help you and your company be the most effective, productive and profitable.

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The C3 Process – Clarify|Connect|Commit

Momentum’s C3 Process incorporates some or all of the prior programs, depending on your business needs.

C3 is a holistic step-by-step program that starts with Leadership and moves throughout the organization. C3 is designed to increase employee engagement and performance, remove obstacles to productivity, improve processes and communication and help create a supportive, collaborative workplace where people want to BE and DO great work. Why? Because an engaged, stable, loyal, productive workforce = increased revenue: the bottom line to your bottom line.

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